From the decision to become a parent to the thunderclap of recognition that you have too many kids, know that you are not alone in your idiocy. You have a world of company.

With humor that is raw without being raunchy, this book will give you encouragement for the worst episodes of parenting from someone who has navigated all the usual disasters and humiliatingly poor decisions.

Just remember: “All the sand from the beach of parenting cannot possibly end up in your pants.”


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She stitches dresses by day and stitches the dead by night. What a way to make a living.

​Washed out of nursing by her phobia of blood, quick-witted Helen leads a trio of undertakers, who have little skill and less luck. With the promise of ever more modern living and the year 1900 approaching, they imagine success is within reach, even on the most dilapidated riverbank in Maryland. When Helen goes missing, must they bury her next?

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Coming 2023

Mege Gardner

humorist, novelist, problem