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​​​Undertakers, Harlots, and Other Odd Bodies

Inspired  by  true  events  and  smothered  in  blarney

My new book is out now. A free preview is available and all electronic formats are priced at a very reasonable US$5.99!! - currently only £2.99!!

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The paperback available through  IndieBound is gorgeous, three dimensional, and handily delivered to your local independent bookstore for US$14.99.

Some U.S. libraries now have electronic copies available: That's right, it's online from Amityville to Yuma!!

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If you search for it on google books you end up with Oliver Twist, which is fine. Just order that!!

What is this book? It's historical fiction with humor,  cozy commentary and peculiar characters. (Some places have it categorized as Contemporary Historical Romance, a nonsensical category for anything. There is no time travel in there. Wake up Brianna!!)

Readers call it fun, thoughtful and hard to put down.