All-time favorite and value champion: selections added often and carelessly.

When mixed with water, this tastes mostly like water. Jesus is just alright with that. "A swell pizza wine" --Bill Ward

Not a unanimous choice, but fine for a Thursday night. If you find a chocolate kiss in your sock drawer you should eat it anyway.

"Really really love this wine!" --Shannon Breniman dePrado

So, Shannon, we should be friends!!

Wine list

One local liquor store has begun tagging their wine selections with  "drink by" date.      It makes me laugh every time.

Nothing but like for this one, a lot of like. "Beauuuutiful balance," say the wine thumbs.

 Possibly too acidic, bed time will tell.

" would benefit from some red meat" -- Merky_Waters on

One reviewer said, "I am not a wine drinker by nature and I have no idea where I got this wine but had it here at the house so served it up to a visiting relative.." This wine deserves better than that.

"Great inky purple. Nose of dark Cherries. Palate has dark plum and cherries. Pleasantly Tart. Dark chocolate. Mild oak. Nice medium tannins. Great with egg rolls and Chinese food. 91 points" --Renato on empirewine

Hey, Renato... All that and only four stars?

“Judging a wine by a dark color is for stupid people” -- Gianfranco Soldera

“Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.”
― Louis Pasteur