“Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.”
― Louis Pasteur

When mixed with water, this tastes mostly like water. Jesus is just alright with that. "A swell pizza wine" --Bill Ward

One local liquor store has begun tagging their wine selections with  "drink by" date.      It makes me laugh every time.

Nothing but like for this one, a lot of like. "Beauuuutiful balance," say the wine thumbs.

 Possibly too acidic, bed time will tell.

"...it would benefit from some red meat" -- Merky_Waters on cellartrackers.com

“Judging a wine by a dark color is for stupid people” -- Gianfranco Soldera

One reviewer said, "I am not a wine drinker by nature and I have no idea where I got this wine but had it here at the house so served it up to a visiting relative.." This wine deserves better than that.

"Really really love this wine!" --Shannon Breniman dePrado

So, Shannon, we should be friends!!

Wine list

Not a unanimous choice, but fine for a Thursday night. If you find a chocolate kiss in your sock drawer you should eat it anyway.

...new selections added often and carelessly.